We are the creative digitizer for real estate

  • Reissig Nicolas

    General Director

  • Bobrov Artem

    Creative Director

  • Maessen Jules

    Strategy / Sales

  • Paretski Alex

    Head of Sales

  • Lapa Egor

    Digital Consultant

  • Yasinski Andrei

    Digital Consultant

  • Kerimov Rustam

    Innovation Manager

  • Soloveniuk Vladimir

    Senior Interactive

  • Shakalei Anna

    Operations Manager

  • Pavlovskaya Karina

    Project Manager

  • Abdullaeva Dila

    Project Manager

  • Borodich Rostislav

    Project Manager

  • Lishtvan Pavel

    Senior Animation

  • Balabaev Denis

    Senior 3d Artist

  • Klepkov Denis

    Senior 3d Artist

  • Bogachenkov Vladislav

    Senior 3d Artist

Who we are

Energetic experts providing a full range of visualization, marketing and IT services for real estate companies. From still images for all project stakeholders to sophisticated digital strategies designed to capture and convert wider audiences.

VERO Digital is a one-stop agency sparing you the trouble of hiring and managing multiple vendors, while accomplishing your marketing and sales goals efficiently and effectively. Our in-house team of visual artists, digital marketers and software developers are ready to turn your ideas into outstanding digital tools.


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