VERO Reality app

Interactive storytelling for the masses

This interactive all-in-one solution allows you to make sales faster and with more confidence than ever before. You can walk your prospective buyer or investor through any property, at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Create your own VERO Reality app

Day/Night switch

Do you love that early morning or are you also curious how this building will look like in dusk. With this feature we enable your user to experience both.

Private dashboard & Navigator

Get all the insights on what is going on in your app and edit your projects freely to your liking. With your custom dashboard you have an overview on all your data and have access to manage projects. Export all your data or link it with google analytics.

Keep overview of where you are at all times and jump from one to another point. It allows you to move very naturally in a steady pace through the virtual world.

Multiple projects, floorplans, video player

Have all your projects in your pocket, with the automatic download function you can show it offline all around the world. If you do not want to share a specific project with all your colleague or clients you can hide them or generate a private access code.

The user had a taste of the virtual world, projected your real estate in real-life environment but now you want to inform them with a video. No problem, just put the link to your video in the back-end and it will integrate automatically in your project within the app.

Live tracking

See what your user is looking at and navigate them through your unbuilt project. This was always a challenge in VR, not anymore. With this solution you can easily give online viewings, investor presentations or guide him closely at a fair.

AR integration

Display your project in a real-life environment. Whether you want to show it on your desk to discuss it among colleagues or project it on the future location. The beauty of AR is that you can project it anywhere at any time.